Date: November 09, 2022 - The memberships at INALP have been resumed that were suspended due to COVID-19 and its effects on June 14, 2021. If you wish to become a member of INALP, please use the following links and information.


At INALP, we understand that the legal ecosystem is expanding beyond the boundaries of the country, and there is a need to bring unification to promote the rule of law. INALP focuses on uniting the legal front of the country with global leaders by bringing together every individual associated with the legal profession. To ensure that INALP has a diversified front, the membership is open to:

1. Law students
2. Academicians
3. Practicing & Non-Practicing Lawyers
4. Professionals with legal education
* This category applies to professionals who have background in legal education
but working in a different field like CA, CS and in administrative positions
5. General & In-house Counsels
6. Retired Judges
7. International Attorneys & Academicians

After the payment has been made, our membership team will get in touch with you within next two working days. For more details, please see the membership terms below:

Membership Terms

Membership Fee:

Membership Category Fees Join
Law Students ₹ 500
Academicians ₹ 1500
Practicing & Non-Practicing Lawyers ₹ 2000
Professionals with legal education ₹ 1500
General & In-house Counsels ₹ 2500
Retired Judges ₹ 1000
International Attorneys & Academicians US$ 100.00

International Membership Fee can be paid through a wire transfer. Please send us an email for further details at [email protected]".