INALP is a non-regulatory body, independent, non-political and a non-profit body. Therefore, the membership to the organisation does not entitle you to practise law in any jursidiction. To become a member, you can click on the ‘Join Now’ button and fill an easy form. The payment for membership can be made through online modes. Once the payment and registration is done, you are requested to send us a proof of payment (.pdf or .jpeg file) to [email protected]

1. With membership to INALP, you get:
    • A membership number that will confirm your membership with INALP.
    • An access to the vast directory of Legal Professionals associated with the organisation.
    • Opportunity to network with professionals across the globe.
    • Attend the conferences/training programs/events at discounted price.
    • Enhance your skill set and expertise to excel in the area (s) of your interest.

2. Membership Tenure: The tenure of the membership lasts one year from the date of issuance of your membership number.

3. Membership Number: Once a member pay the fee and fill the membership form, s/he will receive a welcome email from INALP membership team in which the membership number will be mentioned.

4. Choosing a Committee or Division: After payment of membership fee, members can choose the most suitable committee or division for them, where they would like to contribute. Students can only be a part of Students’ Division and can work in collaboration with different committees and divisions. The leadership roles and members of the working group of committees and divisions will be selected by INALP’s management and executive committee.

5. Membership Certificate: We do not issue membership certificates. However, should a member require an INALP membership certificate, there will be a charge of ₹ 200 per certificate.

6. Membership Renewal: INALP will send members the renewal reminders before two months of the end of their membership tenure.

7. Group Membership: A group of minimum four people can register itself as a members by requesting our membership team for a separate form. For groups there are special discounts available on membership fee.

8. Attending conferences as a member: As a member you may be entitled to significant discount in INALP’s and decided discount in its partner conferences. Membership doesnot entitle you to attend the events for free.

9. Changing/Updating Details: Members can write to us at [email protected] to get the details change/updated

10. Renouncing membership: If for any reason a member wish to renounce her/his INALP membership, s/he can email us at [email protected]. There will be no refund of membership fee once paid.

11. In case of any error/dispute, the Membership Team of INALP has the authority to take any steps deemed fit by them. If you have any query or question, you can write to us at [email protected]

Governing law
In case of any dispute between the member and INALP, it shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Indian law, and the courts in Delhi shall have jurisdiction to resolve any disputes between the member and INALP.