Webinar on the topic - "Covid 19 and Wave of Bankruptcy : Challenges & Implications for Economies"

Indian National Association of Legal Professionals (INALP) presents its 5th Webinar under the Lockdown Webinar Series on the topic - "Covid 19 and Wave of Bankruptcy : Challenges & Implications for Economies" on Saturday, May 30, 2020 from 06:30pm to 08:30pm IST.

1. The Hon. Elizabeth S. Stong - Judge, U.S. Bankruptcy Court EDNY
2. Ritin Rai - Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India
3. Sumant Batra - Managing Partner and Head of Insolvency and Corporate Law Practice, Kesar Dass B & Associates

Ankit Garg - Associate Director of Corporate and Institutional Banking, Standard Chartered.

Webinar on "Self Revival of Environment: Lessons learnt for climate change policy making during COVID-19 Pandemic"

If the world has seen a scary future with the emergence of COVID-19, the future of our planet in a 3-4° C scenario takes us to an entirely different level of uncertainty, including in terms of health. The Climate Crisis is not on hold, so Climate Action cannot be on hold either. As we are learning, in a pandemic, there are no individual solutions, just global solutions. This is the same with climate change, which has only a global policy solutions.
ClimatenJustice, Climate Finance, Investments in Climate Action stimulate economies, creating green employment opportunities and increase resilience to recurrent environmental and health threats is very much important.
The unprecedented challenges our planet is facing from COVID19 to the Climate Crisis are forcing our societies, our economies & our world to change. With this change comes extraordinary opportunity to take action and turn climate policies.
Our planet and environment is under stress, from COVID19 to the ClimatebCrisis, and the evidence is everywhere. It is a defining challenge of our time.
The question is: What are you doing about it?
As an answer our Students Division has partnered with SPIL, Mumbai for a policy dialogue on these issues.

INALP - ILI Webinar on "Force Majeure & Contract Disputes in Response to COVID 19"

The Indian National Association of Legal Professionals and the International Law Institute co-hosted a webinar on "Force Majeure and Contract Disputes in Response to COVID 19" on May 5, 2020.
The impact of COVID-19 on the world's economies and geopolitical alignments has been severe and immediate. From government mandated shut downs; to supply chain stoppages, to key industries being shuttered, all have led to substantial failures and delays in commercial contracts; performance of both goods and services; monetary transfers; insurance claims, etc. For legal and government sectors, understanding Contract Disputes and Force Majeure provisions as a function of COVID is Imperative. Understanding how they are constructed, interpreted, and enforced cross-border, is Critical.
Experts examined Force Majeure and Contract Disputes from the jurisdictional perspectives of: INDIA, E.U., SINGAPORE, CHINA, U.S., among others.
Speakers including R.V. Anurundha and Piyush Joshi from Clarus Law Associates [New Delhi Office]; Felicia Tan from TSMP Law Corporation [Singapore]; John Murino and Yao Mou from Crowell Morning, LLP [Washington, DC and Los Angeles Offices respectively]; and Charles Nairac and Zehaan Trivedi, White and Case, LLP [Paris Office].
Webinar hosted by Robert Sargin from the ILI and Manuj Bhardwaj representing the INALP.

For the full recorded video of the webinar, please CLICK HERE

INALP - ILI Webinar on "The Future of WTO"

The Indian National Association of Legal Professionals in cooperation with the International Law Institute co-hosted a webinar on the "Future of the World Trade Organization" on April 24, 2020. Speakers including Dr. Aniruddha Rajput, Dr. Arthur Appleton, Patrick Macrory, and Marc Linscott examine implications for international trade; regional trade agreements; the WTO; the WTO appellate system; and Indian-US trade relations. The program was conducted for over hundreds from the legal community of India as well as government officials from across the globe participating in this event.

"For the full recorded video of the webinar, please CLICK HERE

INALP's Web Panel Discussion on "Why LL.M isn't for all law graduates?" & "Decline of Multilaterlism in the era of a Nationalistic World ?"

Amidst the given difficult situation posed by COVID 19, Students’ Division of INALP took the initiative to organise a Web Panel Discussion on “Why LL.M isn’t for all law graduates?” & “Decline of Multilateralism in the era of a Nationalistic World? The panel discussion was focused on various aspects which should be looked over before pursuing LLM. A discussion on the challenges faced by multilateralism in the present times also took place. The panel was moderated by Mukesh Vashisht (Advocate): Partner, Strategic Services & Head Legal Education Department, BSM Legal Advisors & Strategy Consultants The panellists for the discussion were Manuj Bhardwaj (Attorney-at-law): Double MSc. in Public Policy & Human Development from United Nations University & Maastricht University Arushi Tangri (Advocate): Double MSc. in Public Policy & Human Development from United Nations University & Maastricht University Anushka Bhardwaj Arora (Advocate): LL.M in IPR from National University of Singapore Faculty of Law.

Call for Recommendations: National Consultation on Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019

Call for Recommendations: National Consultation on Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 [Delhi]: No Fee; Submit by Feb 10

About the Organizers
After the historic bill introduced by the Government of India and concerns raised by various experts, Indian National Association of Legal Professionals (INALP) with its Student’s Division, associated experts and parliamentarians plans to constructively discuss and deliberate on the bill. INALP then will formulate a collective recommendation with various organizations, experts and other stake holders aiming at the best data protection bill being formulated by our government.

Call for Recommendations
Law Students across the country are invited to send recommendations on Personal Data Protection Bill with direct references to sections & clauses. Students are requested to evolve or rediscover jurisprudence on privacy laws too. These recommendations will be collected via consultation events in major cities associating with various law schools & organizations. Final Deliberation Event with experts and students will be organized in Delhi preferably in the parliament where the recommendations will be discussed and then represented to the government.

Background of Bill
The historic nine-judge bench delivered Judgment also called “Privacy Judgment” on 24th August 2017 which recognized ‘Right to Privacy’ a fundamental right. This judgment pressed on the needs of a law on privacy & data protection. After a draft circulated in 2018 the ‘Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019’ was introduced in Lok Sabha by the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, on December 11, 2019. The Bill seeks to provide for the protection of personal data of individuals and establishes a Data Protection Authority for the same which was drafted by Justice B. N. Srikrishna Committee. The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018 was taken down last year after the concerns raised by stakeholders like Google, Facebook, CISCO, Master Card, Amazon, Twitter, etc. Now on 23rd January, Gov. of India has set up a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) headed by Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi for the examination and report of the Bill. This JPC is taking suggestions and recommendations from the stakeholders. INALP will call for a final deliberation in Delhi and collate all recommendations to be sent.

Register for this event by clicking here.

Submission Format
Font Size- 14
Font Type- Times New Roman
All recommendations should be with a Sub-Title/Header so that the sampler should be able to identify -the subject matter of your recommendation. Submitted recommendation should not be more than 800 words that too with direct references to section & clause of the bill. Footnotes should be acknowledged with ‘List of Sources’ as well.

• All accepted recommendations will receive a ‘Letter of Appreciation’ by a parliamentarian or Senior Advocate.
• The best 8 recommendations will be recognized and called to speak with subject-matter experts during the final deliberation event in Delhi.

Important Dates
Last Day for Submission: 10th February 2020
Announcement of Best 8 Recommendations: 2nd Week of February, 2020 in the final deliberation.
Delhi Event: 2nd Week of February, 2020.

For Queries regarding submissions – Shruti Gupta/+918360870921 and [email protected]
For organizing this consultation in your city/law school – Abhay Pachauri/+918477063363 and [email protected] .
For other queries, please contact INALP at [email protected]/+91-9115557474


International Commercial Arbitration as an alternative tool for dispute resolution is fast gaining popularity not only in India but globally since it offers the advantage of not going to the regular courts and thus saving time and costs. For foreign companies entering into contracts with Indian business partners, India’s legislative reforms in recent years have positioned India to become a widely accepted seat for International Commercial Arbitration to resolve business disputes.
It is important for India to have a strong in-country mechanism to ensure that the country emerges as one of the most preferred destinations for Arbitration. To realize that potential, there is an urgent need to suitably strengthen the process within the country and to provide ongoing opportunities for Indian dispute resolution lawyers and professional arbitrators to hone their skills and deepen their understanding of the legal regime and the procedural issues that arise before, during, and after an international commercial arbitration. To contribute to this important need, the Indian National Association of Legal Professionals
(INALP) in partnership with the International Law Institute (ILI), Washington D.C. is organizing a 2-day training program on “Essentials of Arbitration In India and International Commercial Arbitration” in New Delhi & Hyderabad in February 2020.
This training program will serve as a platform for enhancing the knowledge of Indian professionals in the field; discussion of critical issues; experience sharing with international experts on best practices, and charting a roadmap to strengthen arbitration the enforcement of international arbitral agreements and arbitral awards in the country. This ultimately will feed into policy making for the promotion of international commercial arbitration in India.

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