Welcome To INALP

INALP is a voluntary association for the rapidly growing community of legal professionals in India. It is an all-inclusive platform that is working to develop a united front of legal professionals all over India.

The association aims for the capacity building of legal professionals in India through national and international engagements, while providing policy recommendations on critical issues.

INALP serves as a place where people from the legal industry can seek guidance to excel and become seasoned professionals. By bringing together the inherent passion for law and the policy, the goal is to create a place for each legal professional in this vast field.

Join the INALP

Opportunity to be in the network of legal luminaries & experts and to learn from them.

Opportunity to use the academic and professional resources available to members.

Opportunity to grow your knowledge through national and international collaborations.

Legal Aid & Community Services

Aim to provide free legal services to the poor and needy who are unable to afford the services of an advocate for the conduct of a case or a legal proceeding in any court, tribunal or before a Judicial authority.

Climate Action, Environmental Protection & Human Rights Activism

Taking up and deliberating on matters related to climate action, protection of the environment and issues related to the human rights violation.

Soft Skills Development, Training, Internship & Mentorship

Sharpening the soft skills of Indian legal professionals through training is a key area. Internships and Mentorships are also planned to train young professionals and students.

Legal & Policy Research

Research on the topics of importance is at the core of our working. We are focused on research in various areas with the help of national and international experts.